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Date: 10th May 2018
Bennelong Restuarant anti fatigue mats

Ah, Bennelong! Slow cooked heirloom pumpkin, Bruny Island C2 cream, Manjimup truffle with roasted seeds… roasted John Dory, served on the bone with orach, turnips, kalian, umami butter… crème caramel vs mille-feuille… silky smooth Orthomaster mats, served with featherweight handling properties and deliciously supportive cushioning…


It’s a well know fact that Bennelong is indeed one of the most iconic Australian Restaurants, and any serious diner should indeed have this venue well up on the priority list. A lesser known fact is that the most comfortable place in the venue to sip on a quiet ale is actually not at any of the dining rooms offered, but behind the bar, where the friendly staff are enjoying the benefits of Australia’s most well-loved Anti-Fatigue mats.


Indeed, the Orthomaster is once again supporting the hospitality sector from the ground up, offering those premium pain relieving properties we all know and love.



So get your good time on, and get to Bennelong – It’s definitely worth the visit, and not only just to stand on the mats. The food is also fantastic, and so are the cocktails. Amco would recommend trying the “Henry & Mandy” – a delicious blend of Henrique’s madeira, orange Colombo and Atsby Vermouth to go with a minute or so behind the bar standing on an Orthomaster mat to truly relax and enjoy this iconic location.

We’ll be seeing you there!

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